About us

KotoBaza started as russian speaking site about CryptoKitties – one of the world’s first blockchain games
Here players could find guides and articles about CryptoKitties, read news or blog posts, find links to useful services and videos

The creators of KotoBaza are very experienced in CryptoKitties since they have been playing from the start of the game and were very active and are involved in different community projects

Also, we are supporting KotoWars – a collectible online game based on CryptoKitties tokens.


Twitter: @kotobaza_co
Telegram channel: t.me/kotobazaco
Telegram group: t.me/kotobazzer
Discord: https://discord.gg/JWQbDmC
Discord: Gmugr#5972
Official CryptoKitties Discord 
Email: info@kotobaza.co

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